Upon downloading, installing and using the JoikuSpot WiFi software (Software), you will be prompted to accept the product terms and conditions (end user license) as part of the Software installation process to your device as custom in the Mobile Software industry. The same terms and conditions apply to all versions of Software across supported OS platforms and device models.

By accepting these terms you will have a valid end user license to use the Software. If you do not accept these terms you are not allowed to use the Software.

Joiku Oy Ltd. (Joiku) is the sole owner of the Software and its copyrights. You have the right to use the Software for your own purposes. You don’t have the right to resell the Software or use the Software for any commercial purposes that are not specifically approved, assigned or intended within this end user license or by separate third party license agreement between Joiku and yourself.

The Software uses your device’s WiFi and mobile data both upon using the Software and periodically in the device background. You allow the Software to make use of the device’s mobile data and WiFi connections to the internet. All the incurring connectivity and data transfer cost is beared by the Software user (=you). The total use cost depends on your mobile data plan with your operator and the wireless network(s) you are using/roaming.

As the cost of all incurring mobile data traffic is beared by you, we highly recommend unlimited data plans with your wireless operator. To avoid unpleasant surprises with your operator’s mobile data bill, Joiku strongly recommends you to carefully familiarize yourself with all aspects regarding your mobile data costs, both in domestic and international use contexts. If you are billed by transfer amounts per megabit or if you are using the Software while roaming abroad, the use of Software may become very costly depending on your data plan and the operator whose mobile broadband network you are using. Joiku is not liable for any type of the cost incurring as a result of the usage of the Software. Please also be aware that even if you have an unlimited data plan and when using the Software abroad, the foreign operators typically charge you for the use of their networks on top of your monthly plan with your operator.

The Software allows you to connect into WiFi networks that are shared in public or privately by others. Shared WiFi networks are not owned, tested or managed by Joiku and Joiku is not claiming that all shared WiFi networks are performing well or tested by anyone. Joiku is not liable for any performance, quality, privacy, data security, functionality or commercial purpose of any WiFi networks that are shared in public or privately via the Software. You may connect to any shared WiFi networks via the Software at your own risk, and you will always have the option to report bad WiFi network experience to Joiku that you subjectively perceive poor of performance.

The Software allows you to share your own private or guest WiFi network access point via the service for others to use. You have an option to share your WiFi in public or privately. By sharing your WiFi Access point in public via the Software you allow Joiku to publish your WiFi Access Point within the Software service for others to discover, connect and use. You allow Joiku to store your WiFi network access credentials (=network password) to Joiku hosted network based WiFi credentials database. You also give your consent to Joiku that the information you have provided about your WiFi access details is accurate, your WiFi is operational and harmless for others to use and that you have the legal right to share the WiFi Access Point via the Software.

The Software also allows you to turn your device into WiFi HotSpot and share the device’s mobile internet connection externally with other devices. By sharing your device internet you allow other devices to access internet via your device WiFi and mobile data connection. Joiku is not responsible for any costs arising of use of your device mobile internet by external devices, when you voluntarily choose to share your device internet with others. When using Software to share your device WiFi with other devices, you give your consent to Joiku that you have a proper data subscription and WiFi tethering plan in place with your network operator that entitles you to share your device WiFi with other devices. You give your consent to Joiku that you are not intending to use the Software to bypass any operator WiFi tethering blocks, should your data subscription with your operator prevent sharing of your device WiFi.

Using the Software impacts the device battery consumption and may heat the device. Joiku is not responsible for any Software use impact related to device battery consumption.

The Software is free to download and use. However, the Software may contain, or be linked with, additional premium services or features that are commercial by nature and sold or subscribed separately. The Software may contain, or be linked with advertisement provisioned by third parties.

Joiku shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or costs to the user arising out of the use of or inability to use the Software. Joiku is not liable for any misuse, mal-functionality, compatibility or use cost of or inability to use the Software.

Version details: All versions of JoikuSpot WiFi software from version 0.1 onwards covering all supported OS platforms and device models.

© Joiku Oy Ltd. 2016. All rights reserved.